The Road to Becoming a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor UK

The DVSA Process Step One DVSA Part 1 Test

Step 2 –  You must get a DBS check (formerly CRB), even if you already have one for another role or organisation.

Get a DBS check

Start application process

You will need the following information:

– The organisation PIN of ‘105205’
– The ‘secret word’ which is ‘axis’
– The organisation name of ‘DVSA-PDI (PO)’

Step 3 – Find a Trainer – DO YOUR HOMEWORK

DVSA recommend using an ORDIT registered trainer – This provides you with some limited security and comes back through the DVSA complaints procedure. However, it is not a requirement and ORDIT just demonstrates efforts have been made and structure is in place. There are equally good and bad trainers on both sides of the fence.

Buyer Beware:

  • Speak to your trainer, not just the training provider
  • Read the contracts and understand what is and isn’t being provided.
  • Speak to local instructors and ask for references

This is when training for the 3 Part testing process may begin….. Some choose to do their Part 1 independently then engage a trainer. Others take a more packaged approach. Be aware – Some packages ‘penalise’ you for being independent. Others offer a ‘blended’ approach to the process – so your Part 1 would benefit from greater understanding. In these cases, you may do all your training before taking any of the tests. Consider your options first!

The DVSA Process Step One DVSA Part 1 Test

Posted by Chris Bensted

April 10, 2021