The Road to Becoming a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor UK

The DVSA Part One Test DVSA Trainee Licence (Pink Badge)

Part 2 

This is a 1-hour driving ability test. Based on the DVSA approach, this is a high standard driving test looking at various elements of your drive. There are lots of myths, but a great starting point is the DT1, the examiner’s notes. This details what they are looking for and how they will mark it. 

There are 5 elements to the ADI Part 2 test:

Eyesight check – You’ll have to read a number plate from a distance of 26.5m (new plate) or 27.5m (old-style plate). Failing this counts as 1 of your 3 attempts.

The ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions – these can be found here. They are the same as the ‘L’ test, with the addition of Cruise Control. If Cruise Control isn’t present they will ask a different one. There will be 3 ‘tell me’ questions at the start, and 2 ‘show me’ questions done on the move.

General driving ability – covering a variety of road conditions, including motorways and/or dual carriageways where possible.

Manoeuvres – 2 reversing manoeuvres from parallel parking, forward bay park, reverse bay park, right reverse (pull up on the right-hand side of the road and reverse for around 2 car lengths in a straight line). The descriptions on the DT1 are quite informative and there are plenty on YouTube videos about these including these.<Link to Marmalade>

Independent driving – You’ll have to drive for about 20 minutes by following either directions from a sat nav or traffic signs.

Going the wrong way (not following the examiners instructions) is NOT a fault, as long as it is safe and legal.

DITC Tip: A good drive should make use of a ‘system’. Common ones include MSPSL (DVSA essential skills) or IPSGA (Roadcraft) or simply Look – Tell -Do (Better Driver Training). A good way to develop this is by using commentary. It is not a test requirement (though is permitted) and is a great tool for when you are teaching.

The DVSA Part One Test DVSA Trainee Licence (Pink Badge)

Posted by Chris Bensted

April 10, 2021