DVSA Failure to Deliver ADI Part 2 and 3 Tests

We have grave concerns over the lack of ADI tests available. Due to the commercial market being reliant on the DVSA delivery of these tests, and the need for them to be inside legislative requirements, namely:

  • 2 years of passing the Part 1 test
  • Limited to 3 attempts
  • Training to be completed within a 6-month window of a trainee licence

there are PDIs across the country facing mental stress and financial loss without any support or resolution from the DVSA.… Read full article

by Chris Bensted, February 29, 2024

ADI Walk Back

Join us

Both mental health and physical health can be a challenge to ADIs. Whether it is the lack of activity or interactivity it can all take its toll on your wellbeing. Physical exercise and talking opportunities are important strategies for even the most hardened ADIs.

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by Chris Bensted, January 3, 2024
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Road Safety Charities

The following is a selection of road safety-related charities.

Brake – Working to stop road deaths and injuries, support people affected by road crashes and campaign for safe and healthy mobility for all.

Speed of Sight – Committed to the promotion of opportunity for children and adults of all abilities.… Read full article

by Chris Bensted, December 21, 2023

Big Learner Relay 2022

We are excited to see the Big Learner Relay getting out of the road after a couple of COVID years, back and raising money for BBC Children in Need. The BLR is a massive event in the Driver Training calendar organised by Lou Walsh, uniting ADIs, PDIs and associated companies across the UK.… Read full article

by Chris Bensted, November 4, 2022

Letter to the Transport Secretary

The DITC’s remit is to operate as a communication and signposting hub for the driver training sector. We aim to increase visibility and improve the understanding of the needs of ADIs, as well as sharing incoming information with the community.

The following open letter has been sent to the latest Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, and interested parties including DVSA CEO Loveday Ryder and Baroness Vere.… Read full article

by Chris Bensted, October 27, 2022

Instructors looking for Public Liability Insurance

We have had an increase in enquiries for PI/PL cover and where to find it.

As an ADI you have 5 main industry options.

The NASP associations:
DIA (driving.org) – The Driving Instructor Association included with membership, they also run DIAmond advanced driving which may be of interest to trainers looking to deliver different training or enhance their skills.… Read full article

by Chris Bensted, September 26, 2022

Loveday at the DIA and Mock Tests, The DVSA way

At the DIA Conference Loveday Ryder, CEO of the DVSA, was speaking about mock testing. She told us that their research showed only 53% of learners say that they are properly prepared at the time they take their driving test. From April to December 2021 around 31% of failed tests involved the examiner taking physical or verbal action for safety reasons.… Read full article

by Chris Bensted, July 9, 2022

Theory Test Resources

DITC co-founder Chris Bensted is a specialist Theory Trainer and runs Theory Test Explained. He spoke at the Driving Instructor Live Show, at the British Motoring Museum (Video here) about the opportunities and needs surrounding the DVSA Theory Test.

The following resources are recommended by Chris as his personal favourites.… Read full article

by Chris Bensted, May 18, 2022
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