Below a list of questions that it is worth asking them to ensure the policy they offer is the right policy for you and your driving instructor business followed by a list of most of the insurance companies who offer car insurance to driving instructors.

Make sure you are comparing like for like policies with similar benefits and check whether the policy will cover you for every element of you business, for example any under 17s driving (young driver training) you do, instructor training and so on. Also check if the policy allows you to drive other cars either on a third party or fully comprehensive basis.


How much will you have to pay in the event of a crash and can you reduce or increase it. Check how the price changes for the policy if you do change the excess.

Some companies cover chips in the windscreen if you use one of their authorised repairers but most will charge an excess should the windscreen need to be replaced. Check how much the excess is and if you need to replace your windscreen on your driving school car will it count as a claim?

This is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations. Should the worst happen you need to know if you should expect a car or not AND if there are any exclusions on receiving a courtesy car.

This is especially important should your car be written off. Some companies will collect your courtesy car the moment you accept their offer for your car so make sure you are prepared for this.

Around 1 million cars are being driven on UK roads without proper insurance. If you are hit by one of these it could have sever consequences the next time you are renewing your driving instructor insurance. Make sure you know what will happen should you be hit by an uninsured driver.

Most policies will allow this with a limit imposed on it although some companies have no lower limit. If this is something you need make sure you ask for it and check your policy documents to check out has been included.

Most policies will allow for non driving instructors to drive your car without you in it, but never assume other drivers are allowed to drive your car. If you have family or friends under the age of 25 that are likely to be driving the car for social, domestic or pleasure, make sure they are covered, too.

Also check that what should happen if another driver has an accident in your car and how that would affect your insurance. Quote Me Today has previously said that most at fault accidents happen when a driving instructor’s partner is driving the car.

Check that you are covered not only for the training but also for a trainee driving instructor using your car on tests as well as checking can your trainee instructors teach in your car with you not behind the wheel or in the passenger seat.

This can mean that should you have to make a claim following a claim where you were at fault you won’t lose your no claims bonus. Check the requirements around this as there may be a limit to the number of claims in a specified time period.

Most insurance companies will charge a fee for spreading your payments over the year. Check how much the fee is, how many payments you need to make and also check if it is cheaper to pay in fewer instalments.

Be aware that if you don’t keep up with the payments your insurance cover may cease meaning you are no longer insured.

Should you be unable to make a lesson or test due to being on holiday or being unwell, for example, could another driving instructor take your pupil to test in your car. Also check there are no requirement on this, for example do you both need to work for the same company and must they be your pupils.

With the rise in dash cams some companies require you to have one fitted. It’s important to know if you need one, if there are any benefits to them (for example some companies will waive ore reduce your excess if you post footage) and what happens should the camera fail if you were to have an accident.

Some policies will allow you to drive other cars on a third party or fully comprehensive basis and are there any limits to the cover like driving another car for work, for example driving a pupil’s car back from test.

Some policies will have a PI/PL element, ensure that these policies are adequate for your needs and cover you when the wheels aren’t moving, for example if you are in a classroom or if someone makes a claim against the way you run your business, for example a trademark or copyright infringement. It is also worth asking if it would cover you while teaching in a pupil’s car.

Should you need more help with PI/PL check out this article.

Most of the companies below have links to their websites as well as their telephone numbers. Should there be any errors or omissions please let us know.

Academy Insurance Services

0800 458 0791

Adrian Flux

0800 369 8590

Arthur J Gallagher

0151 708 8090

Barry Grainger (BG Insurance)

01892 501501

C&A Mackie

0141 423 8555


01782 200711

DCL Insurance 

020 8669 4466

DIA Insurance / Quote Me Today (same company)

01227 285550 / 01227 285 540

IC+ Instructor Cover Plus / Watkin Davies (same company)

029 2062 9413


01603 301770

Lloyd Latchford

01844 275 555 or 0800 707 6807


0208 236 3600 or 0800 731 3378

MCB Insurance

01208 833050


0333 323 2615

Oval –

0845 7697 323

Park Insurance

01454 411187


0333 332 7750

Note: If you upload dashcam footage of your accident within 48hrs Policywave may waive your policy excess.

Simply Insurance

01708 632000

Total Insurance

0203 826 1453

Waveney Towergate Insurance (same company)

01603 753 888


Posted by Ian

March 11, 2021