The Road to Becoming a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor UK

On Passing Being an ADI

On Qualifying

You are not obliged to join the school or training provider that you undertook training with, however you may have committed to doing so as part of your training agreement. Alternatively you may be entitled to cash-back or a reduced rate for staying with the provider. This may be a positive experience and the ideal option for you.

When assessing your options some things to consider are:

– the hourly rate (Look at the ADIs take home after costs) – Is it capped? Controlled by the school? Competitive? Too competitive? Whois responsible for the cost of promotional offers?

 – the exit strategy – What notice do you have to give? What restrictions are there when you leave? Who ‘owns’ the pupils? Does the contract auto renew?

  • contract restrictions – What is and isn’t allowed? How long is the contract for? What happens if life changes and you are unable to work?
  • vehicle – any requirements for the type of car you use, Who is responsible for the costs?, Is there a replacement vehicle in case of breakdown or crash?
  • business support – What business support do you get? 
  • CPD – What training and development opportunities do they provide?
  • memberships – Do they include membership to a national association, local association, the DITC or other professional body?

IMPORTANT: Before signing anything, read the paperwork and consider your options carefully. The most common issues we are asked about are due to contracts and agreements.

On Passing Being an ADI

Posted by Chris Bensted

April 10, 2021