We have had an increase in enquiries for PI/PL cover and where to find it.

As an ADI you have 5 main industry options.

The NASP associations:
DIA (driving.org) – The Driving Instructor Association included with membership, they also run DIAmond advanced driving which may be of interest to trainers looking to deliver different training or enhance their skills.


MSA GB (msagb.com) – Motor Schools Association GB included with membership.

ADINJC (adinjc.org.uk) – The Approved Driving Instructor National Join Council – Their PI/PL is an added purchase (but about the same overall cost as DIA & MSA)

Some car insurance companies can provide it – but be careful as it can be limited to ‘wheels moving’ incidents. This means that if a client crashes after the fact and blames it on you, it is unlikely to protect you. Equally it will not cover claims against your business.

The DITC Co-Founders can attest to this being needed and fully supported but their DIA cover when they faced unfounded claims of ‘passing off’.

The DITC (theditc.co.uk/) – At the Driving Instructor and Trainers Collective we provide a company an independent that you can source individual cover from (rather than a group policy like the NASP association ones) this costs a little more but is far more substantial – especially worth considering if you are doing more than ‘just driving instruction’. (Get a free online quote here)

Posted by Chris Bensted

September 26, 2022

Categories: Service providers