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Are you happy with the industry you are in?

What would you like to improve?

What do you need? Where can you find it?

These are the questions that we have been asking ourselves from the moment we joined the industry, and we are still searching for solutions. You get your badge and are let out into the world, without guidance, without answers, and without the knowledge of what's available.

We were lucky:

Chris Bensted - “I met some great instructors, initially on Twitter, and then I started the first Facebook group for ADIs searching for a community. I’ve been networking ever since. These networks have opened doors and opportunities, also provided me education and tools. Not to mention some amazing colleagues and friends. Luck is where hard work meets opportunity, I’m proud to have created a lot of luck which I am looking forward to sharing.”
Ian Brett - “When I first qualified I was unsure about how to progress within the driver training world. The school I trained with didn’t offer me guidance on how to grow. Once I got my green badge their job was done. I grew my business to include instructor training, car and trailer, fleet training, minibuses and more but I had to make a lot of mistakes on the way which gets very costly. I want to be part of an industry that works together for the betterment of everyone.“

However, it is still isolated with many instructors (both new and experienced) not knowing where to turn or where to start. We want to change that...

You are invited to join the:

Together we can produce change and develop opportunities.

A signposting point for the whole industry, supporting associations, companies, and products. At the heart of it are driving instructors, the life blood of the driver training sector.

Working together, united by a badge.

Nationally and Locally the world of the ADI can be a lonely one. Lockdown has taught us many lessons about both ourselves and our community. The DVSA position is clear and we need to take control of our own futures. We want to represent everyone, giving them a voice and platform on which to find and be found.

This includes:

  • Associations - National and Local - Not just a poster on the test centre wall
  • CPD (Continuous Personal Development) - What opportunities could you choose?
  • Schools and franchises of all sizes - What do they offer?
  • Products and Services - The tools of the trade

We will deliver opportunities, deals and value that far outweigh the cost of being a member. In fact one of our first deals will give you the ability to save £100s! To be amongst the first to seize this when it’s announced, sign up today!

Those joining us in the first month with receive exclusive status as founder members, and be able to display a gold badge on their digital profiles. Future badges will be available for ADI Trainers, CPD providers, and Schools. You can proudly stand out as one of the ADI community, and we will stand united with you.


As green-blooded ADIs, we know that there is not enough time in the day to digest the magazines, articles and emails we receive. However willing, they sit unopened. We will help! We are inviting your associations, product and service providers, and the DVSA to give us the headlines. Aimed at a 2 minute read we will make sure you get the vital facts for running your business, with links to the full stories should you wish to explore further.

How much?

Just £6 a month will get you access to our newsletters, support and growing platform. We are teaming up with experts across the industry to deliver guidance and support. Including discounts, savings and opportunities.

Still trying to get your head around it?

Think Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, but for ADIs. We will be there for every day, not just the bad days.

All we need…

We are asking for a little bit of support, and a little bit of faith. In exchange we promise you that we will continue to work tirelessly to deliver a community, build bridges and develop new opportunities.

Do you you think you are up to the challenge, and become part of something bigger?

Sign up here

Membership benefits

  • Members only facebook group
  • Access to fresh ideas and approaches
  • Condensed industry news from respected sources
  • Membership discounts, offers and products
  • Development support for you and your business
  • Industry relevant registers allowing you to be found
  • Career guidance - it doesn't stop at your green badge!
  • Connectivity inside the driver training sector
  • A community - that reaches not just instructors, but associations, products and services

All driver trainers are welcome: ADIs, PDIs, independents, franchised, active or retired. We also welcome associated industries and those with a vested interest in the sector.

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