Step 2 – The DVSA Process – Becoming an ADI

The DVSA Process Step One DVSA Part 1 Test

Step 2 –  You must get a DBS check (formerly CRB), even if you already have one for another role or organisation.

Get a DBS check

Start application process

You will need the following information:

– The organisation PIN of ‘105205’
– The ‘secret word’ which is ‘axis’
– The organisation name of ‘DVSA-PDI (PO)’

Step 3 – Find a Trainer – DO YOUR HOMEWORK

DVSA recommend using an ORDIT registered trainer – This provides you with some limited security and comes back through the DVSA complaints procedure.… Read full article

by Chris Bensted, April 10, 2021

The DVSA Process – Becoming an ADI

The following is a combination of the DVSA official guide and some additional guidance. (We recommend checking the DVSA guide for the latest changes):

Introduction DVSA Process Step Two

Step 1: Check that you qualify

To qualify you must be: 

  • 21 or Over (You can apply to start the qualifying process 6 months before your 21st birthday.
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by Chris Bensted,

Guide to Becoming a Driving Instructor

Becoming a driving instructor is amazing. It takes a certain set of skills – some you can learn, some you will already have, but all that you will grow and improve – and is not an easy process. The completion rate isn’t high, and the ‘sticking rate’ isn’t either.… Read full article

by Chris Bensted,